Sand Martin (Riparia riparia) News



The article about

- Investigation of feather physical characteristics with age of the individuals , published in 2019 in the PlosOne

- Discovering migration and wintering areas of the studied population using geolocator, published in 2017 in the Journal of Avian Biology

- A high level of nest predation observed in a large Sand Martin (Riparia riparia) colony, puplished in 2016 in the Ornis Hungarica

- Survival of Central European population and Sahelian condition , published in 1995 in the IBIS, is available.

- T. Szép, Z. Szabó D and J. Vallner: Integrated population monitoring of sand martin riparia riparia - an opportunity to monitor the effects of environmental disasters along the river Tisza, published in the Proceedings of the 15th International Conference of the European Bird Census Council Nyíregyháza, Hungary, 26th-31st of March 2001, is available


Recent publication list of Tibor Szép


Mass destruction of sand martin nests by flood in 2006 along the river Tisza in Hungary


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